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San Francisco Bay Guardian, OCTOBER 22-28, 2008

Food + Drink


By L.E. Leone

"CHEAP EATS Take my other old favorite restaurant, Yamo Thai Kitchen, or Mean-Lady Thai as its ardent fans affectionately called it.
Of course, Yamo still stands, in name, reincarnated as Yamo, a Burmese joint.

What you may not know is that Yamo's son and daughter-in-law (who used to cook at Yamo, near the end) have opened a Thai restaurant in the Excelsior District, hooray! My last first-date ever, the guy who asked me what my favorite restaurant was, launching this nostalgic fit..he not only knew this but had eaten there, turns outs. I excused myself. Outside I called Earl Butter on my cell phone and said,
"Let's go." We went.

My new favorite restaurant is Zabb. Familiarly great Thai food for familiarly cheap prices. Diehard fans of Yamo might miss the tight quarters and sweet tension of watching your meal happen from a front-row counter seat, but I liked Zabb's atmosphere too. Spacious, unpretentious, and very friendly. They definitely put more effort into presentation. The Spring Rolls were, if anything, better than Mom's.
The Choo-Chee Curry was fantastic. And they also serve my old Yamo favorites, Red Curry Duck, and Chef Noodles. All this...this is good news, for me"

Cayuga Improvement Association

New Feature: Business in our neighborhood which members may enjoy! C.I.A. officers Chris and Barb highly recommend:

"Zabb Cuisine - 4440 Mission St and they now deliver 586-2455.
This Thai restaurant never uses MSG & will adjust the spice from mild to hot. Meals are fairly priced, starting at 6.95 to 8.95.

Chris loves the Spicy Eggplant, Barb thinks that the Fried Rice is wonderful. Chris's cousin Jac, age 2, adores the lemon coconut soup. There are six different Curry dishes and Chris's god-daughter endorses them all! Jac and his family & friends also enjoyed having kid friendly wait persons promptly attend to Jac's needs.

Jac even had his very own, kid proof bright green place setting provided!!! The grown ups concur with Jac, both the menu and the service at Zabb are wonderful!

Open 11am to 9:30pm."

Restaurant Review
Zabb Cuisine

Penny Mitchell, College Ave.

"If you're tired of turkey and you enjoy Thai food then be sure and check out Zabb Cuisine. It's my new favorite place in the neighborhood! The owners are Ben and his wife, Add. Having just celebrated the restaurant's one year anniversary on Jan 9, they are offering specials to anyone joining in.

My husband and I have strolled over for a meal several times throughout the past year and the food has been consistently good. The atmosphere has a relaxed, clean and mildly modern feel to it. They offer take-away meals and delivery service until 9pm. We have had the Hot & Sour Soup and Chicken Satay for a starter, both very tasty. We have also enjoyed many of their main dishes including the Green Curry with Prawns, Pineapple Duck Curry and Sweet & Sour Chicken. Every dish was absolutely delicious.

The ingredients are fresh and packed with flavor. Also, if you prefer a vegetarian meal, most dishes can include tofu as a substitute

The staff are very friendly and the prices are great, most main course dishes are under $10. I hope to see you here."